The course is organized by the scientists from the Faculty of Biology of Adam Mickiewicz University. The workshop comprises a wide scope of themes and techniques of modern computational biology and system biology. The Summer School is an introduction to bioinformatics and we invite to participate all those, who would like to gain basic knowledge in this field. In this year our special guest will be a team from the European Bioinformatics Institute preparing EBI Training - Bioinformatics Roadshow.
The program of the 6-day-long Summer School of Bioinformatics consists of lectures, presentations and hands-on exercises covering the following topics:

# biological databases and effective searching techniques,
# algorithms and methods of similar (homologous) sequences searching: sequences comparison and matching,
# basics of phylogenetic analyses,
# DNA sequences analysis (gene annotation), RNA (annotation and structural analysis) and proteins (3D structure manipulation),
# introduction to gene expression analysis.

The 7th edition of Poznan Summer School of Bioinformatics will take place on July 6 - July 11, 2009.


Polish Bioinformatics Society